Dive in Tenerife

    Yellow Moutain Tenerife, Spain

    Monta?a Amarilla in Tenerife, is so called because of the golden coloured stone mountain, located next to the dive site.This dive is suitable for both boat diving, or to enter from theshore by ladder.Underwater there are fantastic rock formations one of which forms a horizontal swim through which…

    Las Eras Tenerife, Spain

    Spectacular dive site with an easy entrance, suitable for everybody.It's characterized by the amount of life you can see, like big shoals of barracudas, bogues, you can spot amberjacks, Atlantic bonitos, moray eels, octopuses, lobsters, stingrays and much much more.

    Puertito Tenerife, Spain

    It's an easy dive.There?s a field of rocks and mooring blocks, that turns into flat sand at the mouth of the bay.Some small fish, and TURTlES!The turtles are there daily.Many people feed them, so they aren't shy.Normally there isn't any current.There are usually other divers.Be carfully with the…

    Condesito Shipwreck Tenerife, Spain

    Advanced divers cos of the currents. Great marine life: Dolphins, barracudas, jacks, lobsters, angel sharks...
    Moray Eel

    Abades Tenerife, Spain

    From the entry spot you can start on a sandy part that brings you to a nice shallow-depth reef, direction South, at only 50 m from the beach. Divers friendly fish, wrasse, parrot fish, blue fin, breams, lizard, scorpion, morray eels (dotted, brown and tiger), octopus (common and spotted),…

    Ceuva Elevitero Tenerife, Spain


    Cueva de los cerebros Tenerife, Spain

    volcanic tube that allows us to go to zero level in the interior. Variety of crustaceans, highlighting the presence of the sponge brain, typical of the deep that can be seen in this cave, which gives its name to the immersion

    Cueva de Palmar Tenerife, Spain

    Lots of morays and garden eels. Great underwater canyons.Do not enter the cave. Many divers have died here!

    Diente de Ajo Tenerife, Spain

    Outgoing lava enters the sea. Possibility to see a black coral.

    El Acuario Tenerife, Spain

    diving in the same area as deco dangers... take care!beneath the cages of the farm is easy to find agelotes, large stingrays, bishops, eagles, mice who come to see you, Lacha banks and seahorses

    El Cabeton Tenerife, Spain

    A large formation of flat rocks on the sea bed. Large school of baracuda present, as well as Goldsline and Grout.

    El Meridian Tenerife, Spain

    Description: WWII MinesweeperDepth: 30 metresWW2 German minesweeper used in later life as a dolphin viewing ship from Los Cristianos.The vessel was purposely sunk on 23rd October 2005. This dive is very interesting as the wreck is intact and upright.We have spotted a resident grouper on numerous…

    El Mirador Tenerife, Spain

    La Caleta Tenerife, Spain

    Dive out from the bay and leave the water through the rocky beach. Not recommended in case of high waves!Some funny objects under water. Interesting fauna and flora.

    Radazul Tenerife, Spain

    Roncadores de la Falla Tenerife, Spain

    When you descend into the water you enter a large swim through, then when you reach the end you will see a large array of sea life including a school of Roncadores, as you continue along the dive you can see Trumpet Fish, Monk Fish and Octopus, as you dive deeper you can see black coral and reef…

    Tabaiba Tenerife, Spain

    Enter the water via the man made sea pool. Swim under the little bridge, and drop down to the sand just out from the rocks. Look for the metal pipe (diameter approx 50cm) just to the right, and follow this out to the wreck.Easy.Always seems well protected from wind, even with a strong NE.

    Vallito Tenerife, Spain

    Los Cristianos Tenerife, Spain

    We access that dive site from the shore. Really easy for beginners and lots of animals to see