Dive in Cape Town

    Buffels Bay Cape Town, South Africa

    View from the road

    Castle Rocks Cape Town, South Africa

    Castle Rocks cleans up with a North westerly and South Westerly wind,and on good days the viz is more than 20meters.Next to the Castle Rocks are some smaller rocks that curve out to sea creating a sheltered bay.The sheltered Bay varies in depth from 3-7meters and is ideal for snorkelling and…

    Justins Caves Cape Town, South Africa

    Justin's caves is a circular collection of giant boulders which lie on top of one another creating overhangs,tunnels and some small caves.The largest roughly the size of a double garage.The centre of the dive site is relatively shallow about 5 meters but around the back of the rocks it drops down to…

    Kopsteen Reef Cape Town, South Africa

    Outer Castle Cape Town, South Africa

    Outer Castle.This is the boat dive in line with the shore dive Castle Rock hence named outer Castle.About a 15-20min boat trip form Millers.The dive starts around a large rock a couple of meters below the surface.Average depth about 20 meters.You can swim around the Rock or swim off along one of the…

    Pyramid Rocks Cape Town, South Africa

    The area around Pyramid Rocks cleans up with a North westerly and South Westerly wind,and on good days the viz is more than 20meters.The Top of thePyramid shaped rock can be seen breaking the surface in the distance,this is a long snorkel out to the rocks.This area has been a marine reserve for…

    RMS Athens Wreck Cape Town, South Africa

    The RMS Athens was mercilessly thrown against the rocks near Mouille Point in the famous Cape Town Great Gale on the 17th May 1865.All30 crew members tragically lost their lives in the gale storm.Along with this wreck, 14 other ships either ran aground or suffered damage, although no other lives…

    The Maori Wreck Cape Town, South Africa

    The Maori (British cargo ship) wrecked on 05th August 1909 in fog after colliding with a rock.Kelp and crayfish are in abundance and the wreck is in fairly good condition.Railway lines still lie in her aft.China and porcelain have been found on the wreck.

    The Oakburn Wreck Cape Town, South Africa

    The Oakburn (a British Cargo steamer), was wrecked in bad weather in 1906.Interestingly, in 1994, the Boss, a crane barge, snapped its towline and happened to land right on top of the Oakburn. An interesting dive and fascinating to imagine the heap remaining was once a mighty ship!Railway lines,…

    The Romelia Wreck Cape Town, South Africa

    The Romelia wrecked on the rocks at Llandudno on the 29 July 1977. A very popular diving spot but only to be dived in very good conditions due to the strong surge.
    Rock lobster

    Windmill Beach Cape Town, South Africa

    The entry and exit points are both very sheltered, gently sloping sand beaches.This site is almost always sheltered and the entry is probably the easiest on the entire South African coast. Wave action is normally not more than an inch or two and is rarely more than 30cm high. There can be a little…

    Great White Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai, South Africa

    South Africa is best known for big action, shark diving and it's the most popular place to encounter the enormous, elusive and intimidating Great White Shark is Gansbaai. We recommend cage diving with this fellow, but they have been known to make an occasional presence here and there while free…

    7 Gill Cow Shark Dive Simon's Town and Seal Island, South Africa

    This is one of the only places in the world you can dive with these animals. Near a harbor in False Bay we can find these creatures. We where swimming in a dense kelp forest. I didn't even had the time to reach bottom, at 10m, before I saw my first Seven Gills Shark. It really look like an ancient…

    Great White Sharks Dive Simon's Town and Seal Island, South Africa

    The great whites of Seal Island are now world famous for their highly athletic breaches that they make in pursuit of Cape fur seals which they hunt in the area.Best seasons is May to Sept (95% of chances), Intermediate season April & Oct (65%) Low season Nov till March (55%) .Dive trips to do…

    Sandy Cove Simon's Town and Seal Island, South Africa

    A shallow sheltered cove at Oudekraal, suitable for open water training exercises, refresher courses and testing equipment when depth isn't that important. Also serves as entry area for several other sites.
    Great White

    Dyer Island Dyer and Geyser Island, South Africa

    Great White Sharks dive in shark cage