Dive in Tulum

    Tank Ha deep Tulum, Mexico

    Tankah deep is a most exhilarating dive site. Itstarts with a back roll off the boat into the deep blue. The decent tothe 30m / 99 feet is captivating; you plunge deeper and deeper into theblue wondering when you will get a glimpse of the reef. Then suddenlythere it is. In all its spand plenty of…

    Sting Ray Tulum, Mexico

    The pinnacle formations of this shallow dive site arefull of different species of coral and fish. This nice, easy, relaxingdive will incite you to be inspired. It is only a short boat ride fromthe beach, and is a good paring with ballena as a two-tank dive.

    La Piscina Tulum, Mexico

    La Piscina is an absolutely beautiful section ofreef. Which overlooks the Tulum Ruins. It is a nice shallow dive, withlots of light. There are plenty of marine creatures to see, and lots ofcoral to amaze.

    Coquitos Tulum, Mexico

    Coquitos overlooks the Tulum Ruins. It is very nearto La Piscina usually they are paired together as a two-tank dive. Theyare also very similar there is lots of beautiful coral, and plenty ofmarine life.