Dive in Xcalak

    La Poza de Sabalos Xcalak, Mexico

    5 minutes boat ride from shore. Tarpon all year round. Sometimes you can see Turtles, Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Nurse Sharks, Morey Eels...

    Poza Rica Xcalak, Mexico

    The kind of Dive Site where you can spend your whole dive in a few square meters and find lots of interesting stuff.

    Tarpon Hole Xcalak, Mexico

    Snorkeling and children. Outside, good dive site.

    La Chimenea Xcalak, Mexico


    La Catedral Xcalak, Mexico

    You will drop down the wall to 60 feet, then swim along the face until you reach the opening to “La Catedral”. This is a huge cavern that has a large debris stone in the center. You can also dive along this beautiful coral wall.Huge tarpon, barracuda, and schools of silver sides dance in the…

    Alejandro's Reef Xcalak, Mexico


    Santa Julia Xcalak, Mexico


    Doña Nica Xcalak, Mexico

    This site has 2 distinct coral formations-a shallow wall from 30-50 feet facing sand flats. This is a favorite site for instructions as the depths are shallow, it has soft sand for doing training exercises, and lots of marine life. We also use it for night dives due to large numbers of lobster and…

    Hob Na (Grouper Hangout) Xcalak, Mexico


    Cenote Azul Xcalak, Mexico

    In the unlikely event that the sea is too rough to dive Xcalak, dive centers offer a two tank trips to Cenote Azul and Bacalar, the Lake of Seven Colors.Cenote Azul is the largest pit cenote in Mexico, 600 feet across and 290+ feet at the center. The diving here is the most bizarre and thrilling…