Dive in Cozumel

    Punta Sur Cozumel, Mexico

    WARNING: Experienced divers only!Starts just after "Devil's Throat" with a great drop-off. Large groupers, turtles... There is a cave named "The Cathedral" with large sponges.

    Palancar Reef Cozumel, Mexico

    This was my first experience of a coral garden.I didn’t realise it wassuch a literal phrase, believing it to be more of an accepted term for acoral collective.Palancar reef is very garden like.In the clearwater against the pale sand, the coral colours are breathtaking as theypeek from caves…

    C-53 Xicotencatl Cozumel, Mexico

    The Xicotencatl was sunk June 6, 2000. It is 184 feet long & 33 feet wide.

    Columbia Deep Cozumel, Mexico

    Paso del Cedral Cozumel, Mexico

    Cedar Pass Reef is one of Cozumel's most colorful reefs, teaming withschools of grunts and snappers. Divers are typically greeted by a largeBarracuda that hovers over the reef. Turtle are commonly seen heremunching on the sponges, often ignoring the divers and photographers.The reef is full of…

    San Francisco Cozumel, Mexico

    This wall starts at 50 feet and drops into the abyss. Drift along and observe the coral and schools of fish.

    Santa Rosa Wall Cozumel, Mexico

    Great dive site. Supreme and probably one of the best not only in Cozumel but the Caribbean. Plenty of big fish as well as little fish and water clarity is amazing. Even at depth, the surface looks closer than it really is.

    Tormentos Reef Cozumel, Mexico

    This is a typical nice second dive.

    Chankanaab Bolones Cozumel, Mexico

    Large coral heads scattered all over the bottom. Plenty of local marine life. The Atlantis submarine occasionally visits the site and can be seen by divers.

    Columbia Reef Cozumel, Mexico

    This is a great dive for photographers wanting maximum bottom time. Good second dive also.

    Cordona Reef Cozumel, Mexico

    Cozumel plane wreck Cozumel, Mexico

    Plane wreck dive off of Cozumel.located in front of the EL CID hotel (formerly La Cebia )Good place for check out dive

    Las Palmas Shallows Cozumel, Mexico

    Many schools of fish are found near the reef. It's slightly sandy so try to stay away from the bottom. Slants smoothly to a wall. Most action is near the top or above the slant.

    Palancar Deep Cozumel, Mexico

    This is an amazing dive site. It became globally famous after Jacques Ives Cousteau dived the reef. It features many huge coral columns. Lots of fish are visible on this dive and the water clarity is fantastic.

    Palancar Horseshoe Cozumel, Mexico

    Paraiso Bajo Cozumel, Mexico

    Very plentiful and abundant reef with lots of fish, coral, and sponges. Lobsters and eels are seen on the site at times. Makes a great dive for everyone, even new novice divers.

    Punta Dalila Cozumel, Mexico

    Punta Sur - Devil's Throat Cozumel, Mexico

    The Devil's Throat at Punta Sur is an underwater cave formation located offshore of Cozumel that starts at approximately 80 feet of depth and opens up at approximately 135 feet - right at the edge of recreational dive limits.The Devil's Throat is considered a "must dive" experience by scuba divers…

    Punta Tunich Cozumel, Mexico

    Villa Blanca Cozumel, Mexico

    Yucab Reef Cozumel, Mexico

    Eagle Ray Wall Cozumel, Mexico

    Strong Corrent & windy / Drift dive start at 60 ft or 20 mts / pause at cut in the wall to with for eagle rays from Dicember to Marchonly.Rich wall dive with big fish and reef fishes