Dive in Layang Layang

    Crack Reef Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Crack reef and Navigator line are two dive sites very close from each other. So you can dive both on the same dive. Sealife is also great on this side of the island: Hammerhead sharks, Black Coral, Lionfishes++, and a coral garden between 15m and 8m for the deco!

    D Wall Layang Layang, Malaysia

    A great wall that only breaks at 40m before running up to 2000m ! Very nice corals, sponges and gorgonians. Sharks, Rays, Eels, Mantas, and deeper down some hammerhead sharks.

    Dogtooth Lair Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Very similar to 'the point' nearby. Large tuna shoals, sharks.

    Gorgonian forest Layang Layang, Malaysia

    A wall from 15m to 40m with gorgonians, jacks, and various sharks including hammerhead sharks...

    Runnaway Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Very nice dive, the viz was 50m+. Sharks was abundant: whitetip reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and grey reef sharks. Nice dive.

    Sharks cave Layang Layang, Malaysia

    The cave entrance is 25 m deep. Here you must find a lot of different sharks: Leopard sharks, Whitetip sharks, Nurse sharks, Grey reef sharks and Hammerhead sharks.

    Snapper Ledge Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Take care of the current. It may be strong here!This spot viz was outstandig: More than 50m...

    The Point Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Probably the best dive of Layang-Layang. The visibility is outstanding... Don't miss it!

    The Tunnel Layang Layang, Malaysia

    There are several cracks, one of the is named the tunnel. The best is just around 15m deep. It's not worth to dive deeper here. Very nice corals (including numberous lettuce corals) and sponges.

    The Valley Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Like most of Layang-Layang dive, The Valley is an oustanding dive site. A must for underwater photographers: from macro to large pelagic such as mantas, hammerhead sharks, turtles etc.

    Wrasse Strip Layang Layang, Malaysia

    Another very nice dive: Mantas, Whitetip Sharks, Turtles, beautifull sponges and gorgonians...

    Wreck Point Layang Layang, Malaysia

    The wreck is no longer a 'wreck'. Just few scatterled iron stuffs on the sea floor. But no matters, the sealife is here incredible!Whitetip Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, but also Black Corals, Barracudas...