Dive in Sumatra


    Batee Tokong Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    From the surface to about 25 m deep. Here begins a flat stage, great marine life with fan corals.Napoleon, large Grouper and black-tipped reef sharks.
    The boat in 1930's

    Sophie Rickmers Wreck Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    The Sophie Rickmers is a 134 m long impressive wreck. During World War II, the Sophie Rickmers was requisitioned by the Dutch. On May 10, 1940 the crew sunk the ship.The wreck now lies in 55 of water. This is a deep dive for advanced divers. The wheelhouse is 37 m deep, the decks around 45 m deep.…

    Batee Meuduro Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    The best dive site!

    The Canyon Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    Caves, arches, walls and canyons. Sharks, Mantas, Napoleon...

    Tugboat Wreck Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    School of jacks

    Pantee Peunateung ("P.P") Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    Meaning "Rice field terrace", this dive-site has a bottom well beyond the limits of recreational diving.Start this dive at 25m above the walls and the drop off. Along these slopes we can see school's of barracudas, big tunas and mackerels and sometimes a school of Devil's rays cruising above your…

    Limbo Gapang Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    Old Gapang Beach dive site , shallow to almost deep dive on the third pinnacle, Let the variety of creatures here to surprise you every time you dive . Its just only a walking distance dive site and easy to access you can enjoy it any time of the day with or without guides. Also one of the best…

    Gapang House Reef Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    Long white sandy beach. located on the other side of the Gapang Beach,Shallow area is covered with small coral formations, home to a variety of critters.Lots of .Sandy areas provide a perfect environment for learning to dive or nighttime diving.50 meters out, the channel between Rubiah Island brings…

    RUBIAH SEA GARDEN Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    Gentle, shallow dive site, although there can be an occasional current.A large, sandy bottom covered in rock and coral formations, soft and hard, with a variety of reef fish.Garden eels are usually visible and the occasional turtle comes by to say hello.Dive site slopes down into the depth, but…