Dive in Pulau Bunaken

    Alung Banua Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall with many cracks and crevices and interesting small caves. Sheltered from waves and currents. Here you can find mainly reef fishes and many shrimp gobies, scorpion fish and large school of black snappers. It is also tipycal to find nudibranches among the hard and soft coral.

    Bango Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Slope with outstanding soft corals

    Barracuda point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Great wall and huge blackfin barracudas shoals, , jacks, tunas and occasionally grey sharks and hammerhead sharks.

    Batu Kapal Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    This is a huge underwater pinnacle divided from the reef by a deep canyon. The interesting part of this dive starts at 40m deep; it is for very advanced divers ONLY. The caves are near 60m deep.The reef around is also nice, some dolphins or pilot whales may be seen.

    Bunaken Fukui Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    At this dive site you can practically always see a large group of mackerels and batfish but also sometimes barracudas and shark. Coral cover is not so nice, specially around the 5 giant tridacna shells (giant clams) it is badly broken, but it is still a very nice place to dive because of the large…

    Bunaken Timur 1 Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall in large steps with many cracks and small caves. Reef slightly damaged in some parts. It is a good area for snorkelling. Here you can find many soft coral and black coral, gorgonians and the typical reef fishes.

    Bunaken Timur 2 Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Continuation of the vertical wall in Bunaken Timur 1, with similar ecosystem.

    Cela Cela Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    This is a vertical wall, with many cracks and crevices. Very sheltered from waves and currents. It makes it for a good night dive. Here you can find many different shapes of hard and soft corals as well as feather stars and the common reef fishes, like butterfly and parrotfish. Ocassionaly you can…

    Critter Circus Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Sandy area with coral blocks and artificial structures. This is a very rich marine life including squids, Mandarin dragonets, Black Harlequin ghostfishes, etc.

    Dalton Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Fukui Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Slope completely covered with foliose and branching hard corals. You can also find many giant barrel sponges and giant clams. Here there are many schooling fishes like spadefish, black snappers, black fin barracuda, trevally, sweet lips, large trigger fishes and garden eels on the bottom. Some claim…

    Gorango Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Wall with many cracks and canyons. Reef flat exposed to waves adn currents (Beware of strong currents). There is huge massive corals. Typical reef life can be seen as well as schools of bumphead parrotfish and napoleon wrasse.

    Jalan Masuk Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Very wide and beautiful reef flat populated with hard corals, ending in a wall in a large step. Often very strong currents. Easy to encounter bluespotted stingrays, trevally and schools of bumphead parrotfish.

    Lekuan I Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical winding walls with cracks and canyons on it. Thre's often strong currents, so it usually is a good drift dive. It's shelteref from waves. Along this wall is easy to find many huge schools of plankton feeders: fusilliers, butterfly fishes, banner fishes and damsel fishes. The corals in this…

    Lekuan II Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Continuation of Lekuan I:same vertical winding walls with cracks and canyons on it. Thre's often strong currents (beware: some of them are downward currents!!), so it usually is a good drift dive. In this side of the wall it's easy to find angelfishes, red tooth trigger fish, and a school of black…

    Lekuan III Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    It continues the wall, but in this side there are some caves and a sandy bottom. Here it's easy to encounter black tips and white tip reef sharks, as well as barracudas, napoleon wrasse and turtles.

    Mandolin Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall in large steps with small caves down depper. The reef on top is very interesting and varied. Beware that there is often strong currents, what makes it a perfect drift dive with turtles, shark, eagle ray, fusilier, moray eels etc. Here is easy to find black coral, large gorgonian fans,…

    Mike's Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall shaped like an anphiteather. The reef top is exposed to waves. You can find huge boulder corals, black corals, giant gorgonians and sponges, as well as many reef fishes. It's possible to encounter white tip sharks, giant trevallys, eagle rays and occasionally very large silver tip…

    Molas Wreck Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Sunk February 22, 1942. Approx 60m long. Prbably a Dutch merchandiser vessel.

    Muka Gereja Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Scenic vertical winding wall with many vertical cracks and canyons and small caves. It has a wonderfull reef top with huge table corals. It is a very good spot for snorkelling. The reef is populated by the typical reef fishes, like anemone fishes, and parrotfishes. Sometimes you can find white tip…

    Muka Kampung Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    This is a steep slope with many vertical cracks and canyons. As often there is strong currents, so is best to drift the dive. Here is possible to encounter eagle ray, stingray and thousands of butterfly fish among a great variety of reef fishes. Small pigmy seahorses had been found hanging in the…

    Negri Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical windind wall with many vertical cracks, canyons and small caves. Sheltered reef top with many branching corals. You can find the typical reef life: Butterfly fish, angelfish, parrotfish as well as nudibranches. Occasionally turtles can be seen and batfishes.

    Pangalisang Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Panggulingan Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Sanndy slope with large rocks and coral formations. Often very strong current with possible downward currents. Many whip corals, soft corals and spounges as well as many big schools of fusiliers and banner fish. Occasionally you can see a very large school of black fin barracuda. Giant and big eye…

    Raymond Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    This is a vertical wall with one large cave. There is an interesting reef top, although it was damaged by a storm in 1996. Beware there is often strong currents. Here you can find a forest of whip corals along the wall and many species of hard and soft corals. Looking into the cracks is easy to find…

    Siladen Housereef Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Housereef of Siladen Resort.

    Siladen Pier Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Nice spot for blue ring octopus (or so we were told).

    Siladen Timur Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall in large steps. Spectacular reeftop with a huge variety of hard and soft corals, and many reef fishes like groupers, parrotfish, morray eels, ribbon eels and a variety of anemone fishes. Green turtles have been spotted.

    Siladen Utara Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Reef flat with sand and gravel. It looks like a short of river bed modeled by currents and waves, with huge massive corals. Beware the strong currents. Here there is a great variety of sea slugs, lobsters and mantis shrimp. Great place for macro photographers.

    Tangkasi Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Starting from a sandy slope, then moving to a wall. nice corals and soft corals. Many sea fans and barrels sponges.

    Tanjun Parigi Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical winding wall with reef top exposed to waves, quite damaged in some points. Here you can find barrel sponges, black corals, gorgonians and sea fans. You can spot a school of surgeon fishes, rabbit fish and parrotfish. Occasionally you can see giant trevally and other pelagic fishes.

    Tanjung Kopi Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Reef flat mildly sloping to 15 to 20 meters depth. After 20m you can find a deep vertical wall with caves. Beware there is often strong currents, and possible upward and downward current. On the reef flat you can find coral head bommies. It is easy to see schools of bat fishes, emperor fishes,…

    Tanjung Tihowo Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Sandy area with coral boulders; there is also a small wooden wreck at about 24m.

    Tenga Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Tanjung Pisok Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Reef flat sloping to 15 - 20m depth. Very rich wall in large steps. Easy to find different kind of nudibranches and unusual green tricorals. As a rarity there is a high concentration of blue ribbon eels.

    Sachiko's Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical well with caves in the deeper parts and large massive corals in reef top. It is very exposed to waves. There are many huge schools of plancton feeders: Fusiliers, butterfly fishes, banner fishes, damsel fishes, wrasses, angel fishes, etc.And glass fishes in a shallow cave. Sometimes inside…