Dive in Roatan

    Anka's Place Roatan, Honduras

    Calvin's Crack Roatan, Honduras


    Cara a Cara Roatan, Honduras

    The dive with sharks in Cara a Cara is around USD 75 per person (1 dive); briefing (in class) and then dive with the Grey Sharks.The dive time is around 35 minutes and the DiveMaster gives the sharks a bucket full of fish so the divers can see a live feeding frenzy. A big green moray and some big…

    Chimneys Roatan, Honduras

    If you like narrow openings and swim throughs this is your site! Only advanced divers can go through the chimneys, beginners can dive along the reef.

    Church Wall Roatan, Honduras

    Common sea fans, large sea rods, sponges... A great site for Wide angle photography.

    Coco View Wall Roatan, Honduras


    El Aguila Wreck Roatan, Honduras

    El Aguila is a 210' cargo boat. She lays in 100 feet of water on a sandy floor. One of the best dive of the island!

    Forty-foot Point Roatan, Honduras

    French Cay Bank Roatan, Honduras

    Half Moon Bay Roatan, Honduras

    Helene Wall Roatan, Honduras

    Ironshore Roatan, Honduras

    Mandy's eel garden Roatan, Honduras

    nice and easy dive site. Very good for beginners and people who love small fish. there's a nice swimm through as well that starts on a sandy bottom and end on the beginning of the wall. The dive site is quite good for night dives as well. You can axpect to see turtles, octopuss, scorpion fish,…

    Mary's Place Roatan, Honduras

    I said in my log book that it should be called Mary's Palace instead. It is a spectacular dive, and I'm surprised no one has added this yet. There is a beautiful reef and an interesting swim-through. If you are in the area, you MUST do this dive!

    Newman's Wall Roatan, Honduras

    Pablo's place Roatan, Honduras

    One of the best dive sites in roatan especially when the current is picking you up all along the wall till you end the dive over a nice pletau of corall and you finish the dive somewhere in the blue :-)!When there's current plenty of fish as big barracudas, eagle rays, sometimes reefsharks,…

    Spooky Channel Roatan, Honduras

    Guaranteed lobsters, shrimps, octopus, rays and groupers.

    Sunny Side B&B Roatan, Honduras

    Texas Roatan, Honduras

    Probably the best dive site on Roatan!You may see here: groupers, wrasse, angels, hogfish , barracuda and the unqiue Sargassum triggerfish!

    The Prince Albert Wreck Roatan, Honduras

    The Prince Albert Wreck is a 47 meter long tanker.Note: Approx 30 meters off the bow, there is the empty shell of a DC-3 aircraft.

    The Wreck of the Mr. Bud Roatan, Honduras

    Jado Trader Roatan, Honduras

    The Jado Traderis a renowned sunken 60-meter freighter which is lying on a sandy shelf next to the barrier wall. The fish are fed here, and so plenty of grouper and yellowtail hang around, as well as moray eels, horse-eye jacks, and amberjack.Hammerhead sharks have been spotted at the site. This…

    Hole in the Wall Roatan, Honduras

    With intriguing swallow sections, a variety of caves and an impressive sand chute.The buoy is located in the shallows at a depth of 15 feet.From the crest, the reef descends gradually into an area with sand channels and big Pillar Coral colonies. At 20 to 30 feet there is a labyrinth of swim…