Dive in Attica

    Dipsa Attica, Greece

    In this dive you can see Shipwreck “Olga” and open sea fish (skipjack, tuna, bonitos) and permanent residents (groupers, sea breams, lobsters)

    Platourada or Akios Attica, Greece

    In this dive you can see Shipwreck “Cassandra”(cargo ship) and open sea fish (skipjack, tuna, bonitos) and permanent residents (groupers, sea breams, lobsters)

    Dipsa Attica, Greece

    In this dive you can see Shipwreck “Olga” and open sea fish (skipjack, tuna, bonitos) and permanent residents (groupers, sea breams, lobsters).

    Koundouros reef Koundouros reef, Greece

    Koundouros reef is located in the east side of Kea Island. Crystall clear water and every kind of marine life promise to make any dive in this reef unforgettable. Many hidden suprises await the divers who visit the reefÖ

    Apollonia II wreck Attica, Greece

    The cargo vessel Apollonia II built in 1955 hit the reef the 10th of June 1980. Today it offers a very nice dive to both novice and advanced scuba divers. Two of the biggest parts of the ship (the bow and the stern) are lying in relatively shallow water (18-24 m). Combined with the excellent…

    Arsida Arsida, Greece


    Avantis III Avantis III, Greece

    The Avantis III was a 79m long vessel build in 1977. She sunk November 19th, 2004. The wreck lies on its port side; the bow is 18m deep and the propeller at 41m deep. The stern port side is near 47m.

    Barkiza Barkiza, Greece

    Camping Camping, Greece

    Deep Blue Deep Blue, Greece


    Devil hole Limankia Boyligmenhs, Greece


    Kyra Leni wreck Kyra Leni wreck, Greece

    Cargo ship Kyra Leni sunk in 1978 very close to Patroclos island. Today its one of the favorite dives for many divers since the shallow depth and the relatively intact bow of the ship allows for a relaxing wreck dive.

    Legrena Legrena, Greece

    Lighthouse Ireo Lighthouse Ireo, Greece


    Makris reef Makris reef, Greece

    This the middle of the three reefs of Makronisos island. Its position and the almost permanent current result in excellent visibility and a big variety of underwater life. Minimum depth is 4 meters while the edge of the reef goes down to 24 meters.

    Makronisos south reef Makronisos south reef, Greece

    This is the third reef of Makronisos Island. The reef comes up almost to the surface and it?s characterized by the northern current that?s almost always present. Excellent visibility, big variety of underwater life offers us a drift dive that you will remember for long time.

    Milokopi Milokopi, Greece

    Monrosa Wreck Monrosa Wreck, Greece

    It is a cargo ship wreck from second world war.The wreck is at excellent condition.

    Portugal wreck Portugal wreck, Greece

    The M/V Portugal hit the southwest side of the reef.As a result of this collision the ship broke in to two pieces. The biggest of them sunk on the reef. Today one of those pieces of Portugal is lying in a depth of 26 to 40 meters offering another exciting diving spot in the reef.

    Rosa Vlasi wreck Rosa Vlasi wreck, Greece

    Rosa Vlasi, a cargo steamship, sunk southwest of Makronisos Island during a storm. It is located intact in a depth of 51 meters lying on its port side. This is a staged decompression dive for very experienced divers.

    Sterna Sterna, Greece


    The groupers nest The groupers nest, Greece

    The north side of the reef is actually a complex of very big rocks that offer shelter to some very impressive groupers. It a dive for the more experienced divers since the depth reaches 40 meters. At the end of this complex a wall begins from about 35 meters deep giving the chance for a multilevel…

    The little island The little island, Greece

    Very interesting dive at the southeast side of Makronisos island. Small depth and a big variety in underwater life make this dive ideal for underwater photographers. It also offers us some very nice night dives.

    The parking lot The parking lot, Greece

    A really strange dive since you are going to dive in an underwater parking lot with every kind of car parked in it. How they were found there??? Lets discover it togetherÖ

    Tripiti reef Tripiti reef, Greece

    One of our favourite dive sites since you can enjoy any type of diving in this reef. Relaxing shallow dives for the less experienced and exhilarating deeper dives for the more experienced divers

    Wreck Roza Vlassi Wreck Roza Vlassi, Greece

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