Dive in Midi-Pyrenees


    Font del truffe Font del truffe, France

    Font el Truffe is on of my favourite cave dive. Once the very small entrace passed, the river goes thru a narrow and tortuous way. Coulours are very nice.More information on Plongeesout.com:http://www.plongeesout.com/sites/roussilon-pyrenees/lot/font%20du%20truffe.htm

    Lake of Piau-Engaly Lake of Piau-Engaly, France

    This lake is frozen from December till March and is a great site for ice-diving. The water is very clean and the visibility is particularly amazing.

    Landenouse Landenouse, France

    It is a 370+ m long cave. See description at PlongeeSout

    Le Ressel Le Ressel, France

    The Ressel is a very large underwater river. The entrance is 6m deep in the C?l? river. Water is often very clear, and you can make good pictures.See details of this underwater river at Plongeesout.com: http://www.plongeesout.com/sites/roussilon-pyrenees/lot/ressel.htm

    Oeil de la Doue Oeil de la Doue, France

    See PlongeeSout for details

    Pou Meyssen Pou Meyssen, France

    Description available at PlongeeSout

    Saint Sauveur Saint Sauveur, France

    You need to tell the SDIS that you dive here. Some access restricted. More info at PlongeeSout

    St Georges (Montvalent) St Georges Montvalent, France

    Cave diving for advanced divers!A 700+m cave.More at PlongeeSout

    Trou Madame Trou Madame, France

    Length and depth of siphons :Siphon n?1 - 95m / -5mSiphon n?2 - 265m / -5mSiphon n?3 - 10m / -2mSiphon n?4 - 350m / -10mSiphon n?5 - 8m / -2mSiphon n?6 - 200m / -14mSiphon n?7 - 1300m / -16mSiphon n?8 - 210mComplete dive site description from PlongeeSout