Dive in Safaga


    Panorama reef Safaga, Egypt

    Usually you get there for the whole day (2 dives). This is one of the most famous dive site of the area ! You can do several dives: S SE and E and NE.There is large coral formations, some time sharks and a lot of fishes (stonefish, clownfish, napoleon, etc.).Don't miss anemone paradise (SSE) with…

    Salem Express Safaga, Egypt

    The 'Salem Express' is a wreck with a tragic history. Built in 1966, not much is known of the history of the ship, other than disaster struck her close to midnight, on 15th December 1991.The Salem was packed with passengers returning from Mecca from the port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to the port of…

    Gassous Bay Safaga, Egypt


    Abu Kefan Safaga, Egypt

    Probably the most beautiful site in the area, for its coral formations and pelagic life. Great walls with large seafans, jacks, barracuda, reef sharks, green turtles.Blacktail and hammerhead sharks are frequently sighted.

    Azra Safaga, Egypt

    Coral Garden Housereef Safaga, Egypt

    El Arish Safaga, Egypt

    This is a 105 m long passenger and car ferry built in Norway in 1981.

    Gamul Kebir Safaga, Egypt

    Gamul Soraya Safaga, Egypt

    Several coral pilars, and some eels on the sand.

    Middle Reef Safaga, Egypt

    Very nice reef. A coral garden is on both east and west side.

    Paradise Housereef Safaga, Egypt


    Ras Abu Soma Safaga, Egypt

    Ras Abu Soma is usually a drift dive cos of the strong current. Because of its position, this dive site has a large amount of fish shoals. It is not rare to see some sharks and napoleon fishs.

    Sandy Island Safaga, Egypt

    Sha'ab Bagul Safaga, Egypt

    Sha'ab Claude Safaga, Egypt

    This is a big coral head comming from 17m to 6m. It is covered of wonderfull soft corals.

    Sha'ab Ghaza Safaga, Egypt


    Sha'ab Hamdalla Safaga, Egypt

    An oustanding, but very far, dive site of Safaga. Gorgeous soft coral structure, and a huge butterfly-fish shoal.

    Sha'ab Saiman Safaga, Egypt

    A beautifull coral garden. Some sharks, turtles, eagle rays...
    Great coral garden. Seafans are located deeper than 20m.

    Sharm el-Naga Safaga, Egypt

    Great reef-fish, living corals. One of the best vivid reef reachable so close from shore!

    Spit Reef Safaga, Egypt


    The Seven Pilars Safaga, Egypt

    This is one on the greatest dive site of Safaga. In a single dive, you can visit the seven pilars (huge coral structure on a sandy floor), between 12 and 18m deep.The last west pilar hosts may lionfishes. Take care of them on night dive, they use your light beam to hunt !Early divers may see turtle…

    Tobia Hamra Safaga, Egypt

    Tobia Hamra is a coral garden.

    Tobia Kebir Safaga, Egypt


    Tobia Sorraya Safaga, Egypt

    Nice "Y" shape coral reef.

    Um Hal Hal Safaga, Egypt

    Two small coral pinnacles with lots of soft corals. The pinnacles drop off until 60m !