Dive in Gubal Strait

    SS Thistlegorm

    S.S. Thistlegorm Gubal Strait, Egypt

    The Thistlegorm was built in 1940 as a merchant vessel being 126m long and 17.5m wide. It was commandeered by the navy during the World War II. It sunk in 1941 (6th October) by long range bombers from German occupied Crete. Sunk in the same way as the 'Rosalie Moller' - just 48 hours and a few miles…

    The Rosalie Moller Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Built in Glasgow in 1910, this 108.2m long vessel started its life carrying cargo around Europe, before being re-registered in China in 1931. In 1938 the Rosalie Moller was requisitioned by the Royal Navy, transporting 'Best Welsh Coal' to a variety of UK Naval Ports. After joining the War effort -…

    Sting ray Station Gubal Strait, Egypt

    In the north-western part of the Alternatives there is a large roughly quadrangular outcrop known as Stingray Station. It gets its name because many Blue Spotted Stingrays gather here particularly in the spring months. It can be dived both as a mooring dive and as a drift dive and is very popular…

    Bluff Point / The Barge Wreck Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Bluff Point is one of the most popular night dive spots for almost all safari boats coming from the South to stop at before crossing the Straits of Gubal and heading further north to Sha’ab Ali and the S.S. Thistlegorm. Located on the east of Gubal Island, Bluff Point is secluded from the…

    Carina Wreck Gubal Strait, Egypt


    Chrisoula K Gubal Strait, Egypt

    The Greek cargo Chrisoula K sunk 31st August 1981.She is easy accessible between 18 and 25 meters and the main loading area is probably the most beautiful place to see. The loading (wine bottles and copper plates) is still stacked neatly inside.Sizes: Length: 98m, Width: 14.8m, Draught: 9m

    Dunraven Gubal Strait, Egypt

    The "Dunraven" was a steam and sail powered vessel with an iron hull and wooden decks. She was built in Newcastle upon Tyne (England) and launched in 1873. The ship was 80 m long, had a beam of 10 m and displaced 1.613 tons. She had two masts with a topsail-schooner rigging and a coal-fired 140 hp…

    Kingston Wreck Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Shag Rock is situated about a mile south of Sha'ab Ali and 6 miles away from the wreck of the Thistlegorm. On the northern side of the reef lies a wreck which for a long time had been falsely called Sara H, an imaginary name that in reality does not apply to any ship. The wreck in fact was the…

    Sha'ab Umm Usk Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Very nice dive site with beautifull coral structures (Acropora). Dives are mainly on the W part, some times the N and SW.

    Siyul Kebira Gubal Strait, Egypt


    Small Crack Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Small split in the middle of Shab Mahmoud’s barrier. The tide empties and fills the inner lagoon twice daily, thus creating strong currents that promote an impressive explosion of life. Brilliant soft corals and resident flashlight fish also make it a premier night dive location - weather…

    The Alternatives Gubal Strait, Egypt

    About 30 minutes north west of Ras Mohamed is a system of flat top ergs, with names like "lonely mushroom", "stingray station" and sometimes known as the "seven pinnacles". Best dive is around the third or fourth erg from the east where the current sweeps through feeding pristine corals with bright…

    Turtle reef Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Ulysses Gubal Strait, Egypt

    The Ulysses is a about 100 years old, sitting on his backboard side, it's still very interesting because of all the marine life surrounding it, the propeller in the back at about 30 Meters is a very good opportunity to Photographers. Makes a very nice dive at the afternoon a good 2 Hours before…

    Lonely Mushroom Gubal Strait, Egypt

    A single large circular tower known as the Lonely Mushroom comes up from the sandy seabed and despite its relatively small size offers a great mooring dive for those that want an easy shallow dive and loves macro photography. Nudibranches and small shrimp are in their abundance hiding in amongst the…

    Shag Rock Gubal Strait, Egypt

    Being so close to its neighbour, the Thistlegorm, this large circular reef is often overlooked. It offers excellent diving on pristine coral from any location on its perimeter. The sheltered southern point is the most dived location offering the opportunity for drifts along the west or east sides.…