Dive in Paphos

    Sea Caves Paphos, Cyprus

    2 large swim throughs, and several smaller ones. Marine life typical of Mediterranean.

    Amphitheatre Paphos, Cyprus

    3 naturally occuring amphitheatres, with typical Mediterrenean marine life, with the occasional octopus and grouper to be seen.

    Manijin Paphos, Cyprus

    Enjoyable dive whether from shore or boat - From shore be ready for a long, easy swim, and you must be very good with your air consumption. On some days you will swim with schools of barracudas, Gar or Pipe Fish, Damsel Fish.

    Yeronisi, St. George Paphos, Cyprus

    Weather permitting this is one of the best, boat accessible sites, in Paphos. Features one long swim-through that must be seen as words cannot describe it.

    St George's island Paphos, Cyprus

    an island located about 4km from the fishing harbour of Latchi.on the west side of the island is a wall this drops from 12 to 32 metres, located above this is a small cave, on the east side the smaller bait fish tend to shole, with the largerpredators attrated to them.this is a perfect dive site for…

    Pistol bay Paphos, Cyprus

    Within yet another two minute drive from Marine Divers is Pistol Bay, a great dive siteloved by everyone, with lots of swim-trough’s to explore, you'll want to spend as long as you can at this dive site.

    Fontana Amarosa Paphos, Cyprus

    this dive site is the location of an ancient harbour.the deeper sections of this dive are located around a reef with lots of hiding places for marine life, also you can find potterythat has become fused to the rocks.if you dive further inshore you can explore the now sunken harbour wall, and…
    Amphorae Caves

    Amphorae Caves Paphos, Cyprus

    There are a number of caves to explore, including the one with the amphorae encrusted roof. The American team of archaeologists who investigated this site believe that this was created by movements in the sea bed over the last two thousand years

    100 Foot Reef Paphos, Cyprus

    An entrancing dive in depths between 26-35m. There are a number of small drops and caves to explore - search for octopi and morays in the smaller holes and small fish in the gullies and overhangs. The water here is so clear that, if you look up to the surface, the dive boat should be clearly…

    Roman Wall Paphos, Cyprus

    Opposite Cydive is a submerged line of rocks which are the remnants of the original Roman harbour wall. The area is of archaelogical importance and surveys are still being carried out. An excellent site for first dives, night dives and training. Maximum depth 6m.

    Wreck of White Star Paphos, Cyprus

    he Wreck of the White Star is our latest addition to the list of dive sites we have on offer for our clients.The white star sunk on February 18th 2007 during her transportation to Limassol.She was formerly known as Ivana Ivanova and was part of the Russian commercial fishing fleet in the Black See.…

    Vera K Wreck Paphos, Cyprus

    This favoured afternoon dive is 25 minutes from Pafos harbour. The Vera K was a Lebanese freighter that ran aground in 1972 and was blown up as a hazard to shipping in 1974. It is still in four main sections and the bridge is fairly intact. It lies completely submerged in a crater at 11m. Close to…

    White River Paphos, Cyprus

    Located on the Akamas peninsular. Fabulous rock formations to explore, tunnels to swim along.Good site for Photography.

    Cynthiana Paphos, Cyprus

    Good for beginners and qualified divers. Lovely site to gain experience and just enjoy being under the water