Dive in Tortuga Island

    White Tip

    Isla Tortuga Acquario Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    Tortuga Island is located 15 miles from Herradura Bay, about 1 hour by boat .It is famous for its beautiful white sand beach, almost the only onthe pacific coast of Costa Rica, and his great diving and snorkeling. Dive here with schools of tropical and pelagic fish, jacks, eels, huge puffers,…

    Tortuga Island Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    There are several reefs to dive on, and much snorkeling. Normally scuba/snorkel from a boat, but can also do shore dives from Tortuga. Great site!
    Dolphins at Acuario

    Acuario Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    This group of underwater rocks and channels is home to different species of fish and here you will have the chance to see big schools of big eye jacks close to the surface.
    Franklin Chang

    Franklin Chang Wreck Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    This 95-foot long coast Guard vessel wreck between Tortuga Island and Negritos Island was sunken as artificial reef. The Franklin Chang lies in upright position at a depth of 23 meters with its’ deck reaching on 18 meters below the surface. The wreck is presenting after only a few years a…

    Coronel Alfonso Monge Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    This wreck lies between 10 and 16 metres, a great dive for certified divers.
    White Tip Reef Shark

    Caroline Star Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    A great wreck and deep dive for advanced divers.You can find sleeping reef sharks, red snapper and other tropical fish hiding in the wreck.

    La Cueva (The Cave) Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    A shallow dive, great for finding White Tip Reef Shark

    Labyrinth Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    Also known as The Maze, this is an impressive site with huge rock formations and a variety of marine life.

    La Punta Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    A great site for the advanced diver for encounters with big pelagic fish