Dive in Bonaire

    Andrea I Bonaire

    Andrea II Bonaire

    Angel City Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    Atlantis Bonnaire South, Bonaire


    Bachelor's Beach Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    A perfect dive site to mix familly & dive activity. Coral is good, soft corals, two turtles...

    Bari Reef Bonaire

    Beautiful Wall Reef in Front of Sand Dollar and Den Lamen
    This dive site is very dependent of the swell. If too big, it can be dangerous to dive here.

    Buddy's Reef Bonaire

    This is an easy dive, with nice living corals.

    Calabas Reef Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    Cliff Bonaire

    Eden Resort Bonaire


    Front Porch Bonaire


    Hilma Hooker Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    Bonaire most famous wreck. The wreck lies on its side, with the keel parallel to the reef, bow to the south at depth of 30 meters/ 100 feet. Tarpon and barracuda are usually seen around the wreck.The underside of the hull is covered in Orange Cup Corals. Tarpon are always around.

    Invisibles Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    This site is great for beginners, with light to moderate currents and a depth of 6-30 meters. The shallows are covered with soft coral and are a good place to see a turtle or sea horse. There are a number of large coral accumulations, forming chutes that lead to a sandy bottom.

    Joanne's Sunchi Bonaire


    Karpata Bonaire

    One of the best dive site of the island! Great marine life and living corals, turtles etc.

    Karpata Bonaire

    This is a site which in itself has

    La Dania s Leap Bonaire

    Jump in the water at the point more worn out. Away from the coast, 30 meters, is a beautiful wall (50 meters), which slows to meet with the grooves (canyons) of Karpata. Leave in Karpata because it is not comfortable returning to the same point. The path, at normal speed, it takes around an hour.…

    La Machaca Bonaire

    One of the best house reefs on the island of Bonaire. Great abundance of corals and reef fish along with resident tarpons and moray eels.

    Lac Bay Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    You must get through very low vis. (3 metres) channel to get to the drop-off. Don't be scared if Ealge rays and BIGGGG Tarpons (70 pcs.)cruise by at 2 metres. Best dive of Bonaire IMHO.

    Little Frenchman Inland Blue… Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    Margate Bay Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    Sand usually includes travelling Eagle Rays.

    Mi Dushi Bonnaire North, Bonaire

    North Belnem Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    This is an easy shore or boat dive for all skill levels. With moderate currents and a depth of 6-30 meters, the shallows have stands of elk horn coral and schools of blue tang.

    Nukove Bonnaire North, Bonaire

    Oil Slick Leap Bonnaire North, Bonaire

    Jump ! Turtle, porkupinefish, seahorse.... nice dive.

    Ol' Blue Bonnaire North, Bonaire

    Pink Beach Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    Playa Funchi Bonnaire North, Bonaire

    For night dive, bring your own shore light, there are NO lights visible for orientation

    Punt Wekua Bonnaire North, Bonaire

    Difficult entry on the first 10-20 meters, Because the reef-top is only 30-50 cm deep. But you will see undestroyed corals at all.

    Red Slaves Bonnaire South, Bonaire


    Salt City Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    Something Spezial Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    The Lake Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    The second of the double reef dives. Lake is 10-30 meters and has moderate Divers will find soft coral in the shallows and schools of colorful reef fish. Nice dive due to the second reef.

    The Point Bonnaire North, Bonaire


    Thousand Steps Bonnaire North, Bonaire

    1000 Steps is a shore or boat dive (actually, for the shore divers, 64 steps down to the site from the road and it seems like 1000 steps coming back up with scuba gear!). Currents are light and the novice diver will have a chance to observe hawksbill turtles and seahorse. This is a nice dive and…

    Tori's Reef Bonnaire South, Bonaire

    Vista Blue Bonnaire North, Bonaire