Dive in Sydney

    The Wall and The Apartments Sydney, Australia

    The Wall and The Apartments is without doubt one of the better reef dives to be found around Sydney and if you are looking for fish life. This dive site is located off the Northern Beaches suburb of Long Reef. The Apartments consist of a large drop off with a large bommies to the seaward side. The…

    Balmoral Baths Sydney, Australia

    Lots of macro life living on the nets, although very few sea horses left(if any - possibly poached for the aquarium industry? Some schools of bream frequent this area. Watch out for children jumping off the wharf on summer weekends.

    Bare Island Sydney, Australia

    Perfect dive site for for either day or night diving, in almost all weather!

    Bass & Flinders Sydney, Australia

    You can start diving here and drift (at high tide) to Oak Park.

    Camp Cove Sydney, Australia

    Camp Cove is a very accessible dive. During hight tide the visablity is great. During Change of tides the slit bottom causes the vis to drop.

    Clifton Gardens Sydney, Australia

    The shark net has a colony of seahorses. There are also soft corals and sponges. Watch out for fishing hooks and rods.

    Fairlight Sydney, Australia

    Fairy Bower Sydney, Australia

    Shallow, easy dive to navigate. Head straight into the water and follow the reek either left or right and turn around once you're halfway through your air.Lots of things to see like eels, occys and nudi's. Highlight here is if you get to catch a glimpse of the dusky whalers. GREAT night dive!

    Gordon's Bay Clovelly Sydney, Australia

    Enter water at end of path, swim out a few meters and find chain, follow the chain to the wall.

    Harbord Sydney, Australia

    Inscription point Sydney, Australia

    It's a very good place to meet seadragons!

    Little Manly Cove Sydney, Australia

    Good alternative choice if the sea is too rough at Shelley Beach

    Magic Point Sydney, Australia

    Magic Point is a critical shark habitat area for the beautiful Grey Nurse Shark. There are many critical shark habitat areas declared in NSW waters with associated regulations to control fishing. Grey nurse sharks are not considered to be dangerous to humans. They are a passive species with teeth…

    Manly Bombie Sydney, Australia


    North Bondi Sydney, Australia


    Oak Park Sydney, Australia

    Oak Park is one of the most popular dive sites on the Cronulla Peninsula. It's also a great site for night dive.

    Old Mans Hat Sydney, Australia

    A fantastic little spot if you have a boat or go with a dive company. On an incoming tide you can get up to 20m visability to see all the wonderful sealife here. Schooling fish can be seen here, nudibranchs apleny, and keep you eyes out for the giant cuttlefish!On a more recent excursion here we…

    Shark point Sydney, Australia

    This is a classic dive from shore. During summer season, diving is prohibited in Clovelly Pool during between 10am to 4pm. Clovelly Pool is a useful fall-back exit / entry point when seas are rough.Can be dangerous entry point as you will have to jump into usually large surge. Timing essential. Can…

    Shelly Beach Sydney, Australia

    White sand and a natural reef of boulders and rocks. Sea dragons, dusky whalers, small rays... but not much fixed life.

    Shiprock Sydney, Australia

    This is a very famous dive of Sydney South. The name comes from the shape of a rock.Ship Rock can only (except for Kamikazes) be dived for the 1 hour around the peak of high tide (Best is 30 min before, and 30 min after).This dive has usually got poor vis, and is crowded on weekends. Only ever…

    SS Kelloe Sydney, Australia

    SS Kelloe was a iron hulled collier. It sunk 12 May 1902. This is a very good deep dive!

    SS Tuggerah Sydney, Australia

    The SS Tuggerah was a coastal steamer that carried coal to Sydney. It sunk saturday 16 May 1919, with the loss of 6 lives.SS Tuggerah lyes on its port side, the bow of the wreck is destroyed. The ship mast is lying off to the left hand side of the wreck, quite distinctive. The bow is full of…

    SS Undola Sydney, Australia

    SS Undola was a small coastal steamer, sunk december 20th, 1919. It lies upright on the bottom, with its bow facing to NE.

    SS Woniora Sydney, Australia

    The SS Woniora was a collier. It sunk 28 October 1882.Vessel size: 42m long x 6m wide, displacement: 226 tons.It's a deep wreck, ONLY for very experienced diver!

    The Leap Sydney, Australia

    This is for experienced divers ONLY. Dive this site on the incoming tide. You have to leap off a rock into the water, but this is not the problem... you have to exit after your dive ;-)Alternatively, you can exit from The Steps, only 100 meters away from The Leap.

    The Steps Sydney, Australia

    Weedy sea dragons, giant cuttlefish, blue groper, eagle rays, octopus, moray eel, lion fish, Port Jackson shark, sea pen, numb ray, nudibranch, yellowtail, cat fish.

    The Valiant Sydney, Australia

    The Vailant was a tug boat that sunk in 1981. This is ones of Sydneys most recent wrecks.Vessel size: 22.5m x 5.4 m (72 tons).

    TSS Currajong Sydney, Australia

    Blue Fish Reef Sydney, Australia

    Inner Blue Fish Reef is a safe haven for divers when there is a strong southerly blowing or when there are less than ideal dive conditions. Depth gets to about 18m with some kelp, sponges, boulders & caves to be seen. Outer Blue Fish Reef is approx 25m deep and has sponges, large boulders,…

    North and South Head Sydney, Australia

    "The Head's" has some of Sydney's best boat diving sites. All along the headlands from the open ocean to the harbour can be dived. There are about 20 different dive sites including Colours Reef, The Gap, Sponge Gardens, Pollys Point, Waterfall and Quarantine Station. These reefs consist of beautiful…

    The Duckenfield Sydney, Australia

    In May 1889 the 14 year old struck the lee side of Long Reef enroute to Sydney from Newcastle. The crew abandoned ship within minutes while the vessel still lay on the reef. The remains of the vessel lie in 23-24m of water on a vast area flat reef that dominates this segment of coastline. It is…

    The Royal Shepherd Sydney, Australia

    'The Royal Shepherd' sank off The Gap between "The Heads" following a collision with SS Hesketh, 14 July 1890. The two vessels approached each other until the Royal Shepherd was struck on the port side and so badly damaged she sank quickly to a sandy bottom. Predominantly the drive shaft and engine…

    The Centurion Sydney, Australia

    'The Centurion' is a relatively intact wreck, which struck rocks at North Head in 1887 as she was being towed out from Sydney. The Centurion was a fully-rigged barge with a length of 63m which drifted shorewards into the harbour and quickly went to pieces. Swimming over the site today you can see…