Wreck of White Star

Paphos, Cyprus

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Dive Wreck of White Star


he Wreck of the White Star is our latest addition to the list of dive sites we have on offer for our clients.

The white star sunk on February 18th 2007 during her transportation to Limassol.

She was formerly known as Ivana Ivanova and was part of the Russian commercial fishing fleet in the Black See. After being bought by a Cypriot Company, she was renamed, White Star and put to use in the water around the island.

Built in 1954 she has been active until 2005 when due to the change in the commercial fishing regulation the company had to take her out of service. The infrastructure have been removed and the vessel has been left to float in the harbor of paphos until February 2006 when after having been partially submerged due to some cracks in the hull that let water in, was decided to tow her to Limassol to be completely scrapped.

During her last voyage, some of the temporary repair made to allow her to float till Limassol, became undone, changing her fate from an inform mass of scrap metal to a new dive attraction for divers.

The White Star, lies now in 14-18 mt of water, just a 10 minutes out of Paphos harbor, on a rocky bottom.
Since the first day she sunk she has been elected home from a few groupers and breams, and soon will host quite a bit of marine life in her ample loading bays.

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