Harju, Estonia

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Dive Wreck"E.Russ"


Built in Germany at the Stettin Oderwerke Shipyard in 1909. Originally it belonged to the German shipping company Ernst Russ, but on 2 July 1919 had been given to England.
On 15 September 1919, after a two-week journey from Bordeaux to Tallinn, the steamship reached Tahkuna Peninsula, where on a stormy sea at 4 a.m. in the morning it struck a floating mine. Even though the sailor on watch saw the mine it was too late to save the ship. The ship sank within 15 minutes. Thw crew of 27 along with 8 passengers all survived. One of the crew member was injured in the explosion.
Length 93.3 meters, width 13.4 meters, tonnage 2439 brt.

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