Harju, Estonia

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Dive Wreck"Škiv"


T-208 Škiv was a fugass-type minesweeper (in total 44 were built). The construction was started in 1937 at the Ust-Ishorski Shipyard and the ship was launched on 31 October 1938. The construction was completed at the "Sudomeh" Shipyard. Starting from 12 October 1939 belonged to the Baltic fleet.
Ran on a mine in the course of sweeping and broke into two. Went down with almost the entire crew, only sailor M. Zenin survived.
Displacement 476 tons, length 62 meters, width 7 meters. Armament: one gun 100 mm, one gun 45 mm, one gun 37 mm, 40 mines, depth charges.

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