Velavaru Thila

Nilandhe Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Velavaru Thila

Shoal Cave Reef Wall

There are not many thilas in Nilandhe Atoll, but this one is probably the best. Is located south of Velavaru Island Resort, inside the Kihafun Kandu, goes from 7m to 30 in a slow slope.
It is actually formed by three smaller thilas: Bodu Thila, Kuda Thila and Beyru Thila. You can dive them one by one, but the place is small enough to do everything in one dive. Starting close to the outside of the atoll, you can start in Beyru Thila, dived the best with ingoing current. Here there use to be many turtles, schools of small reef fishes, fuisiliers, snapper, fairy basslets, etc.
Bodu thila is a bit larger, and from it we cross a small sandy channel to get to Kuda Thila. In the sand there are garden eels and white tip sharks resting. Is about 75m long and there are two caves on the south part.
This is a good place to spot harlequin and spotted sweeplips. Basically here you can find almost everything of the atoll underwater life.

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