Umm Dom (Stoney beach)

Hurghada, Egypt

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Dive Umm Dom (Stoney beach)

Big Fishes Reef

Here the steep cliff of the north east side of Giftun Kebira island plunges into the depths and continues into the abyss, the reef wall drops to about 12m and then there is a steep, tumbling slope to the top of the drop off at about 27m. Most of the life here is above 15m as the lower slope and top of the drop off are sometimes swept by strong currents coming through the straits, stunting the growth of the coral and giving a lunar appearance. Half way down the slope you will find a lettuce leaf coral, in the blue you will find fusiliers, and triggers along with maybe sharks and turtles. At the top of the slope you will find morays, scorpion fish, barracuda and clouds of antheas. Whale sharks have been spotted at this site on occasions.

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