Koh Tao, Thailand

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Dive Twins

Shoal Reef

Definitely one of the most popular dive sites in koh tao, twins is made up of two main rock formations in calm shallow waters. Its a site that will appeal to all levels of divers as it is a lots of fun and has to much to offer.
In the north part of this dive site is the bouyancy world
Close to this dive site is posible to find a "No name pinacle"(5 min ), is no too many people and you can find sea snake  or scorpionfish  from the west buoy 290º
Head off the pinnacles and explore the sand  and you might be lucky and find seahorses and other macro critters

  • Wart Slug

    Wart Slug
  • Christmas Tree Worms

    Christmas Tree Worms
  • Tigger fish

    Tigger fish
  • Pink Anemone

    Pink Anemone

Reviews (2)

Kimberly January 7th, 2014 - 1:11:
Twins is great for a first or second dive. Super easy sight, lots to see. There is one little clown fish that lives there, surrounded by a stone circle, so divers know not to get to close. Lots of little shrimp under rocks. Be wary of trigger fish!
Andrey September 28th, 2013 - 5:51:
Twins is awesome, especially because it's close to the Buoyancy world, where you can find concrete shark, octopus, lizard, artificial ship, where bat fish is living. Mostly it's used in Advance Adventure course, to make a Perfect Buoyancy dive. There are always some hoops you can swim through in different ways.

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