Torfa Fanous East

Hurghada, Egypt

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Dive Torfa Fanous East


This dive site has many names, including "Dolphin Reef" and "Turtle Bay".

This narrow reef creates a huge calm lagoon, a great place to stop for lunch and catch the sun before the second dive of the day. The lagoon itself and the enclosing reef wall is relatively uninteresting and naturally lifeless but on the seaward side the area bursts with all manner of sea creatures. Swim through the gap between the first erg and the reef wall and head across the coral garden to the second erg, home to hordes of glass fish and the very occasional frog fish. Continue with the reef wall on your left to see the gorgonians on the corner of the reef where it turns west, if you have enough air continue along the north face where the corals are pristine, if not return with the reef on your right and explore the first erg before returning to the boat.

Dolphins are often encountered anywhere around this reef so keep an eye out.

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