The Rosalie Moller

Gubal Strait, Egypt

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Ambiance Deep Wreck

Built in Glasgow in 1910, this 108.2m long vessel started its life carrying cargo around Europe, before being re-registered in China in 1931. In 1938 the Rosalie Moller was requisitioned by the Royal Navy, transporting 'Best Welsh Coal' to a variety of UK Naval Ports. After joining the War effort - and a full overhaul - in July 1941 'The Rosie' set sail for Alexandria laden with 4680 tons of coal. A collision in the Suez Canal meant that she was unable to pass through, and was directed to 'Safe Anchorage H' until the way was cleared. On 5th October 1941, German Intelligence had reports of the Queen Mary being sighted in this area, and dispatched 2 Heinkel HE111's on a search and destroy mission. The Queen Mary was never found, but the merchant ship 'SS Thistlegorm' was, and was bombed and sunk on October 6th. The explosion from the Thistlegorm was so massive, that it lit up the night sky, exposing 'Rosie' in Anchorage H. 48hrs later on 7th October, the same fate was delivered to Rosalie Moller.

Today the Rosalie Moller sits upright on the seabed with the main deck at 30-32 meters. Apart from a hole in the port side near the stern, where the bomb exploded, the only other major damage is the collapsed funnel and the stern mast, which was broken off more recently due to dive boats tying onto it. The wreck is home to large groupers and lion fish and a huge number of glass fish. Large tuna and jack fish patrol the wreck in search of smaller fish.

Vessel size:
- length: 108m
- width: 16m
- Height: 21m
- Depth: 35m to the deck, 50m at the sea bed.

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    Rosalie Moller

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