The Bells

Dahab, Egypt

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Ambiance Cave Deep Reef Drift Wall

A true vertical wall, full of overhangs and fissures, with lots of swimthroughs and cavelets. Towards the Blue Hole, in the south, the reef profile softens to a steep slope.

The dive begins in a small slot in the reef table, around 100m (328ft) north of the Blue Hole lagoon; after reaching your maximum depth on the sheer wall section just south of the entry, ascend slowly and follow the reef south to the lip of the Blue Hole lagoon, in about 6m (20ft) at the top of the reef. This is your exit point.

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Reviews (1)

Olli October 31st, 2013 - 9:19:
A freaking great and beautifull entry, opening to a nice reef, following the line to blue hole. You can see the exit of the arch, but no single tank going through arch !!!!Only sidemount or doublestation.

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