Tasik Ria House Reef

Manado, Sulawesi

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Dive Tasik Ria House Reef

Ambiance Reef

Tasik Ria house reef is an amazing tester for what Lembeh is. It's the perfect place to check if a diver is made for mock diving, and enjoys this kind of dive. Even though it's on the coast of Manado, it still belongs to the Bunaken Marine Park. It has a coral garden at 5m, and it slopes down in a sandy bottomup to 15m, maybe more. In this slope there's small oasis of coral where unique life can be found. Some of the life here mimetize really well with the enviroment, so watch out for unseen things moving. It's easy to find lion fish of all kinds, devil scorpion fishes, pipe fishes, harlechin shrimps, etc.

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