Sunset Reef

Gili Trawangan, Gili Islands

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This site is a gently sloping reef. A large portion of it is marked by giant steps of table Acropora coral, shelving off down the slope. There are isolated heads of hard coral and outcrops with good, even coverage of soft corals.  The reef ends in a sandy bottom beyond about 20m and has a flat reef top about 3-5m. The site is rich in many varieties of coral - Staghorn, Plate Acropora, Brain, Star, Elephant Ear, Leather and a good variety of soft corals and anemones. The fish population is diverse, including lots of Sweet Lips, Groupers and Snappers, many Damselfish and Basselts, a good number of Angelfishes of different varieties, Parrotfish, and Butterfly fish.Very nice staghorn corals on a gently sloping ree

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