SS Far Star

Banco Chinchorro, Mexican Caribbean

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Ambiance Wreck

Far Star was a 1970s cargo boat laid down in 8 meter of water. A large steel-hulled transport ship, it was loaded with sugar when it ran aground on the southeast corner of Chinchorro. Starting just beneath the surface, the spur and groove reef structure is littered with a profusion of steel plating, winches, generators, a huge diesel engine, and immense smoke stacks. The brass and stainless steel screw is well over seven feet in diameter, and the equally immense anchor clearly weighs many tons. The light is perfect, highlighting the hundreds of yellow-tailed snapper that swirl around the wreckage - another diver's and photographer's delight.The wreck is on the southeast corner of Chinchorro just south of Cayo Lobos, and accessing it requires the calmest of days with gentle easterly or northerly winds. The middle of the boat is covered with fire coral, and the surrounding reef has many brain and elkhorn corals. There are often blue tang and ocean triggerfish as well as lots of barracuda, and the stronger current ups the odds of seeing sharks, including hammerheads, tiger sharks, black tips, bull sharks, reef sharks, and nurse sharks. Visibility on this dive is often in the 50 meter range.

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