South West Pinnacle

Koh Tao, Thailand

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It´s probably with chumpon, the best places in koh tao. Is a huge pinnacle, with many smaller rock formations, with kind of corridors between those, where is posible to find fish into the cracks, you can find a few swim through. Anoother secret pinnacle is 120º from the east buoy!
things to see: giant grouper, bryde´s whale & whale shark(if you are lucky), great barracuda, strapweed filefish

  • South West Pinnacle

    South West Pinnacle
  • Barracuda

  • Barracuda

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Kimberly January 7th, 2014 - 1:21:
South West is amazing! Definitely one of the best sites in Koh Tao. Lots of different fish to see, tons of barracuda. Once, I saw a huge river of barracuda, with thousands of them and I just swam right in the middle and was completely surrounded, awesome! I saw a juvenile angle fish here. Sometime, the visibility can be a bit low here, other times its crystal clear. Huge pinnacles, with lots of swim throughs.

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