Sydney, New South Wales

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Dive Shiprock

Cave Reef Wall

This is a very famous dive of Sydney South. The name comes from the shape of a rock.

Ship Rock can only (except for Kamikazes) be dived for the 1 hour around the peak of high tide (Best is 30 min before, and 30 min after).

This dive has usually got poor vis, and is crowded on weekends. Only ever attempt to dive at slack water as there is a strong tidal current. Also, NEVER surface unneccessarily - the boats travel right over the dive site.

On the up-side, the marine life here is spectacular, and in summer you even see some small tropical species like lion-fish and heaps of nudibranchs. A great dive for the macro photographer! Also, at about 12m there is a small cave in the wall. You can surface under the ledge in the pocket of trapped air.

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