Sha'ab El Erg

El Gouna, Egypt

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Dive Sha'ab El Erg

Big Fishes Reef

Shaab El Erg literally this means the corals and the pinnacles. This is horseshoe shaped reef over 5 km long directly east from El Gouna. The lagoon behind the reef is home to a large number of Bottlenose Dolphins and although they roam throughout this area of the Red Sea, this reef system is the best chance for divers and snorkelers to see them in the wild.

The reef has beautiful hard coral, especially in the tunel between the main reef and Gota Shaab El Erg. Nice coraltowers in north and a tongue on the west side. Best thing on this reef is the dolphins.

There are seven or more dives possible here the most common being: Dolphin House, Poseidon garden and Manta Point.

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