San Francisco

Cozumel, Mexican Caribbean

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Dive San Francisco

Drift Wall

Diving in San Francisco is Poor
You can find Poor Typically, visibility is Good ( 10 - 30 m)
The average depth is 50 m / 164 ft
To reach San Francisco you have to do it By boat
This dive site is best suited for CMAS ** / AOW divers.

This wall starts at 50 feet and drops into the abyss. Drift along and observe the coral and schools of fish.

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Reviews (2)

Brian October 7th, 2015 - 22:48:
Nice deep wall dive - very moderate current with decent flow... allowed for an easy float along the wall. Nice life with tangs, angles, snapper and a fat grouper that followed us most of the way. Good sponges and fan coral. Decent visibility
Caitilin July 4th, 2013 - 15:23:
This is a deep wall dive that is very similar to the Santa Rosa Wall dive site. Starting at around 16m and going down as far as you can see, this is a great site for life. There are very few coral formations here. One can expect to see tang, angelfish, and snapper here

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