Sa Conillera

Ibiza, Balearic

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Dive Sa Conillera

Big Fishes Cave

The island of Sa Conillera faces the harbour of Sant Antoni, and near its lighthouse a small outcrop known as Conillereta rises above the surface, which is where you head for.

Dive down on the S side to a rocky bed about 3 metres below, which drops down in steps some 15 metres below the surface. Begin swimming, keeping the wall to your left, and you come to a jumble of rocks carpeted with seaweed and sponges of many colours, home to forkbeard and the occasional grouper. Work your way round the shelf until you're facing NW, when spectacular natural arches appear in the rocky wall about 20 metres down. These provide a marvellous viewing point to pause and enjoy the blue depths.

During the dive you'll be surprised by the amount of tiny tufted marine organisms carpeting walls and rocks in cavities, grottoes and passages. But don't forget to check the open waters, because it is not uncommon to see schools of open- sea fish like amberjack and barracuda. It's possible to continue in the same direction, in which case you'll be obliged to ascend to shallows barely 2 metres below the surface, the maximum depth in the narrow passage that completes the circuit. It is therefore recommended that you finish the dive by doubling back along the same route, reducing depth in a more comfortable and gradual manner, and enjoying the lively and colourful sights that cross your path all along the way.

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite

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