S.S. Thistlegorm

Gubal Strait, Egypt

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Dive S.S. Thistlegorm

Ambiance Wreck

The Thistlegorm was built in 1940 as a merchant vessel being 126m long and 17.5m wide. It was commandeered by the navy during the World War II. It sunk in 1941 (6th October) by long range bombers from German occupied Crete. Sunk in the same way as the 'Rosalie Moller' - just 48 hours and a few miles apart, now it lays on a sandy floor at 30m deep. The top of the wreck is 17m.

The wreck is exposed to the tidal currents and the prevailing winds, which can make this dive inaccessible at times. Since the current can be quite string and there can be lots of silt in the water visibility can be quite bad. These conditions and the depth of the dive means that this is only open to experienced divers.

The Thistlegorm was carrying cargo for the War Effort in North Egypt, and every dive is a visit to an underwater museum, a place in time where the clocks stopped. Locomotives, various ammunition and Lee Enfield rifles, Bedford trucks, Triumph motorbikes and even airplane wings can still be found in The Thistlegorms cavernous holds. You can do penetration diving, but ask your dive guide, all easy to find openings are well covered.

This is the most visited wreck of all Red Sea. There will be lots of dive boats and many many divers. Best dives are early in the morning, before all day dive tour comes to the wreck. Some dive centers and liveaboards also offer the possibility to do a night dive too.

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    SS Thistlegorm

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claudia February 6th, 2013 - 20:32:
I have been a diveguide for the S.S.Thistlegorm and it really is an amazing side,everytime again you get surprised by new discoveries...In springtime thousends of juvenile fish are looking for shelter and to watch the tuna and travellies hunt whyle you hang into the current is just spectacular!Inside the wreck the sunlight is penetrating through crackes and openings and its just so beautifull...lots of carwrecks and motorcicles,giant morays and scorpionfish...the current can be very strong above the wreck so a negative entry and straight to the rope ,funny on the safetystop to see a bundle of divers hanging together like flags in the wind!its the time to smile to eachother and think what an incredible dive that was...

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