S.N.V. Al Munnassir

Bandar Khayran, Muscat

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Dive S.N.V. Al Munnassir


Al Munnassir is a 3,000 tonne ship was sunk in 30 metres of water. This troop carrier and tank transporter is 84 meters long.

She sits upright; the bow is at 26m and stern at 30m.

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Alan May 2nd, 2015 - 12:19:
This was my first wreck dive and later, my first night dive on my AOW course. Fantastic! The ship is full of coral and life. Some groupers as big as a man live near the rudder. Swimming in and around the ship feels more like flying than diving. Jeff, the honeycomb moray, who lives under the helicopter deck put in an appearance on the night dive.

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