Richelieu Rock

Koh Surin, Thailand

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Probably the best divesite in Surin Islands, and also in Thailand is the world renowned Richelieu Rock, which lies 18km east of the Surin islands and is a small limestone outpost carpeted with thick pink and purple corals. Locals call it "Plo Nam", and rumor says it was discovered by Jaques Cousteu.

The Rock is only visible at very low tides, thus posing potential navigational hazards to non-GPS navigated boats, or the uninitiated. It has a very wide diversity of both coastal and oceanic sea life, including nudibranches, sea stars, crustaceans of all kinds, grouper fish, lion fish, reef sharks, giant guitarfish, twelve species of moray eels including the rare golden moray, giant needlefish, copper sweepers, redbar anthias and badger clingfish. This site is listed as a top location for the gentle giant Whale Shark, and there is a very realistic chance of actually swimming with them, especially during the months February to April. The schools of whale sharks treat the Rock as their playground. Manta Rays, leopard sharks, sea-horses are also to be found.
Richelieu Rock is a truly splendid and unique spot with an amazing variety and abundance of marine life. This site ranks amongst the best in the world for whale shark sightings, especially from February to May.
There is one large pinnacle and a few smaller ones rising steeply from the sand base at 32m. Depths from 0 - 32m. Average depth 15 - 25m. Visibilty 15 - 24m.

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Kimberly January 7th, 2014 - 1:02:
Richelieu Rock is one of my all time favorite sites! Its is absolute breath taking, but can be a bit crowded. If you go to the part of the site where the current is coming from, you can watch hundreds of fish swimming in toward the current, and hunter fish trying to catch them. We spend half our dive just watching there. Lots of little nocks and crannies to look through, we saw a juvenile angle fish! So Cute! Of all the sites to go to in this area, this site cannot be missed!
Carmen September 14th, 2010 - 3:10:
THE PLACE!!! Unfortunately you are not alone, never, up to 20 other boats can be around the pinnacle, but if you plabn your day clever, you can jump when the others are on the surface waiting for the next dive. Harlequin Shrimps, Ghost pipefish, barakudas, orangutan crabs, seahorses, groupers and and and. The best is (but only for experience divers) to do a night dive @ Richelieu Rock!!!! Check it out.

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