Police Pier 1 & 2

Pulau Lembeh, Sulawesi

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Dive Police Pier 1 & 2


Like Nudi Falls, photographers keep complaining that the biggest danger on these sites is running out of film or disk space.
This is a rubble slope with small Coral outcroppings, leveling out into a sand flat with Rope Sponge gardens. Banggai Cardinal fishes, Barramundis (Lates calcarifer), Thorny Seahorses, Orange Frogfishes (Antennarius picta), various Nudibranch species and overall variety are the attractions here.
This is also a truly excellent night dive spot. The scenery isn't pristine; there's plenty of trash in the water, but it has always been that way owing to the traffic at the Water Police jetty that the site is named after.

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