Phi Phi Ley

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

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Dive Phi Phi Ley

Reef Wall

This is the uninhabited and unspoilt island lying south of Phi Phi Don. Its sheer limestone cliffs offer stunning scenery and has some beautiful bays with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

The sites around Phi Phi Ley are not considered deep with a maximum depth of 20m. We dive various dive sites, Maya Corner, Overhang Point, Lo Sama Bay and Palong, these are situated in and around Phi Phi Ley and offer overhangs and crevices, canyons and gorges hosting some large gorgonian sea fans and colourful soft corals. Vertical wall dives are lavished in clams and wing oysters, lionfish nestled in large cracks and the camouflaged bearded scorpion fish.

Coral trouts, bannerfish, butterfly fish and angelfish are to name but a few of the many reef fish you will come across. You may also find the gentle Leopard Shark around the island as well as some black tips swimming along the reef.

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