Paso del Cedral

Cozumel, Mexican Caribbean

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Dive Paso del Cedral


Cedar Pass Reef is one of Cozumel's most colorful reefs, teaming with schools of grunts and snappers. Divers are typically greeted by a large Barracuda that hovers over the reef. Turtle are commonly seen here munching on the sponges, often ignoring the divers and photographers. The reef is full of swim-throughs, under-cuts and hidden areas that make a great hiding place for large green and spotted eels. This is truly one of the best dives in Cozumel, especially when its dived as the first dive of the day before the crowds arrive there.

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Caitilin June 29th, 2013 - 22:56:
One of the most spectacular reefs on the island. Sometimes known to have a rather strong current but a nice, shallow reef dive. Known to have sea turtles and several nurse sharks that like to hide in the undercuts and swim throughs. A large variety of fish and corals to make anyone happy!

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