Pantee Peunateung ("P.P")

Pulau Weh, Sumatra

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Dive Pantee Peunateung ("P.P")

Ambiance Big Fishes Deep Wall

Meaning "Rice field terrace", this dive-site has a bottom well beyond the limits of recreational diving.

Start this dive at 25m above the walls and the drop off. Along these slopes we can see school's of barracudas, big tunas and mackerels and sometimes a school of Devil's rays cruising above your head. Have a look down to 40m to see big groupers swimming in the massive gorgonian's fans and school's of jacks close to the wall.
In the inner part around 15-20m we usually can see a big school of jacks. From 20m bottom to the shore turtle, Napoleon, giant and honeycomb moray, octopi and lobsters are common.

A very beautiful dive-site, but the current could be strong. For intermediate and experienced divers only!

  • Gorgonian fan

    Gorgonian fan
  • School of jacks

    School of jacks
  • School of chevron's barracudas

    School of chevron's barracudas

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