Mikes Beach Resort

Mikes Beach Resort, Washington

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Diving in Mikes Beach Resort is Interesting
You can find Interesting Typically, visibility is Low ( < 5 m)
The average depth is 30.5 m / 100.1 ft
To reach Mikes Beach Resort you have to do it From shore
This dive site is best suited for All divers divers.

  • Beautiful Day at Mikes Beach Resort

    Beautiful Day at Mikes Beach Resort

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Reviews (1)

Lauren February 20th, 2014 - 23:38:
Mikes Beach Resort is a great place for divers of all certifications to come and dive in the Pacific Northwest. The shore entry is easy at all tide levels and there are many underwater features to go and check out. I was able to dive at Mikes Beach Resort for my advanced, deep, and dive master certification dives. The night diving is amazing here when the bioluminescence are in full swing. The facilities here are also very accommodating and have a real cottage/summer camp feel to them. The air filling station is quick and efficient. Overall a great dive site!

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