Meno Wall

Gili Meno, Gili Islands

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Dive Meno Wall

Reef Drift Wall

This is a steeply sloping reef with a near-vertical top section. The reef drops to a sandy bottom at about 22m, and follows the contours of Gili Meno’s shore quite closely. Soft corals grow all along reef. There is a great deal of older, dead coral over which the soft forms have regrown, whereas hard coral lags behind. There are many smaller heads of stony corals, including Cabbage, Brain, Star, Antler and Acropora as well as lots of anemones. Groupers and Sweet Lips are both present in quantity, some very large.  Also common are Snappers, Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, and Spotted Rock Cod, Clownfish and large Parrotfish. This is a good place to see lots of large turtles.

This is the regular 2pm dive, and it’s also amazing at night (lots of Spanish Dancers and Lionfish)

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