Media Luna

Isla Mujeres, Mexican Caribbean

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Ambiance Cave Reef

A marvelous reef near the surface. You can dive along its channels, dive up and down through arches and bridges. Admire the colorful coral and the shrimp and lobsters. You will find two caves with sharks, jewelfish groupers, large sea anemone, spiny sea, urchins and more.

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Brian October 7th, 2015 - 23:24:
I am sure this can be a great dive - I happened to visit after a storm and was left with a fair amount of churn. As a result much of the life I was hoping to see had found a safer haven, but the fixed position marine life was abundant. A look - DONT touch dive! Lots of spiny sea urchins dot the coral reef, so be careful of your body position as you drift along.

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