Mama Vina

Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya

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Dive Mama Vina

Ambiance Deep Wreck Sharks Drift

This former shrimp boat was intentionally sunk in 1995 for divers. Since then the coral growth has [proceeded rapidly. Once on the wreck descend to the sand and drift along the side of the wreck until you reach the stern where you will find the propeller. Then move up into the lower decks and explore the inside rooms. Then finally make your way onto the top deck and watch the hugh Barracuda which are hanging around the mast. This dive is only suitable for advanced divers due to the depth and the strong current that can be present.

  • Bull shark

    Bull shark
  • Mama Vina Wreck

    Mama Vina Wreck
  • Bull sharks at Mama vina

    Bull sharks at Mama vina

Reviews (2)

HOLLY January 8th, 2014 - 17:17:
I have been to Mama Vina a few times, the wreck itself is not that special, the reason I went to Mama Vina was for the bull sharks, and there were plenty to see! The current can be quite strong so it can be a challenge to stay still to watch the sharks
Olivier July 19th, 2013 - 21:04:
I went to Mama vina but it was not for the wreck. When I was there, on the right side of the ship there was a group of bull sharks. So we spent the dive watching them. It was incredible. We had to fight against the current to stay on the ocean bed, but it was worth the effort!

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