Magic Rock

Pulau Lembeh, Sulawesi

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Reef Wall

This used to be merely a single bommie with exceptional critter numbers, keeping divers glued on this one rock for an entire dive. But El NiƱo caused water temperatures to rise which killed or drove off the life on that Coral head, which never recovered.
Now divers head out over a sand plain, gently sloping to a fantastic wall which goes from 21-50 metres in depth. The sand is usually not very productive though Waspfishes, Frogfishes and Wonderpuses are occasionally encountered. In the shallows there is an exceptional hard Coral garden from the coast down to 10 metres in depth which offers fine snorkeling.
This site is sheltered from the SE winds (June - Sept.), but subject to swell at times during the rainy season (Nov. - April).

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