Koh Chi

Koh Surin, Thailand

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Dive Koh Chi

Big Fishes Cave Reef

Fringe reef off the western side. Depths from 10 - 22m. Average depth 18m. Visibilty 12 - 24m. A variety of hard corals carpet the sea floor. Turtles (hawksbill, oliver ridley, green, and occasional leatherback) are common. Also there is a chance of large pelagics, dog-faced tuna, barracuda.
The north end of the island has piles of granite boulders and caves hiding angelfish and reef sharks.

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Carmen September 14th, 2010 - 3:10:
On all the safaris I have been working we started our trip on this spot. Check dive and then relax and enjoy, from turtle, frogfish, ghost pipefish and a beautiful coral garden around the corner when you start your safety stop, here you get everything.

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