Ko Tachai

Koh Surin, Thailand

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Big Fishes Reef

Ko Tachai, 35 km south of Mu Ko Surin, is considered to be one of the finest dive sites in Thailand. It has a series of submerged pinnacles and boulders, which form excellent swim throughs. It provides three multi level reefs, and depth is between 12m to 25m on average. In particular the excellent dive site known as Twin Peaks consists of two rocky pinnacles connected by an underwater reef running perpendicular to the southern end of the island. The waters are teeming with all kinds of tropical fish, blue yellow and turquoise soft and hard corals, barrel sponges, sea fans, and anemones. It is renowned for larger sea creatures such as the Manta Ray , leopard sharks, nurse sharks, giant barracuda and hawksbill turtles. Whale sharks make an appearance. Yellow tail barracudas are often seen amidst schooling fish such as bannerfish and fusiliers. There is also a truly stunning Robinson Crusoe type beach on the northern side; however note that the associated shallow reef bordering the area has been damaged by anchors over the years and is no longer a quality dive site.

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