Ko Bon

Koh Surin, Thailand

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Further south still (25 km) lies the almost deserted Ko Bon which is only some 20km north of the most northerly Similan island (Ko Ba-Ngu or island # 9). It is usually regarded as being part of the overall outer Surin archipelago, whilst at the same time is often loosely grouped with the Similans, although it differs geologically from the latter. There are no beaches here but this is another truly excellent dive site and is again noted for large pelagic. There are frequent sightings of leopard sharks and stingrays in the deeper depths; it is also one of the better places to see mantas, especially towards the end of the season. Huge sponges are to be found at 35m. Ko Bon is also well known for it's 30m vertical (true) wall dive with a subsequent step down ridge to 40m, on the southwestern point of the island.
Night dives too are stunning at Ko Bon.
In addition, there is a blowhole in the island which provides spectacular sites on windy days with high swell, as water is pushed through the hole into a mist of air bubbles.

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  • Koh Bon manta

    Koh Bon manta

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Kimberly January 7th, 2014 - 1:26:
One of my favorite sites ever! Its along two huge walls that meet at a point in the middle. One side is completely covered with soft corals and tons of colors, the other has more large rocks and boulders. Theres lots of potential octopus here, and if your lucky manta rays!

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