Kapalai House Reef

Pulau Kapalai, Sabah

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Dive Kapalai House Reef

Ambiance Big Fishes Reef

A remote island no less than a 5 minute boat ride from the diving paradise that is mabul lies an adventurous and diverse marine habitat that will leave your craving for new and exciting sea creatures more than satisfied. Suitable for divers of all levels, Kapalai house reef consists of a sloping reef descending down to around 15m and onto a sandy bottom (22m) where you can find an array of nudis, devil scorpion fish, garden eels, octopus, barracuda, sweetlips, batfish and snapper schools, giant groupers and the elusive and mystifying ornate ghost pipefish.

Once your done messing about in the maze of buildings, houses and boats you can land yourself safely back to the reef to finish off your dive with broadfoot cuttlefish, scorpion leaf fish, painted frog fish, giant moray eels (namely elvis) mandarins, white banded pipefish, hairy squat lobsters, peacock mantis shrimp and loads of special nudis for the nudi freaks.

Never left disappointed and always guaranteed to treat the mind and eyes to a spectacle of sea life

  • Devil Scorpion Fish

    Devil Scorpion Fish
  • Hairy Squat Lobster

    Hairy Squat Lobster
  • Ornate ghost pipefish

    Ornate ghost pipefish
  • Leaf Scorpion Fish

    Leaf Scorpion Fish

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